Nisha Moodley Presents
Building a beautiful business with soul
How do I stand out in a crowded market?
How do I create excitement around my work?
How do I design offerings that feel like me?
How do I make my unique mark in the world?
How do I remain in-action and inspired by my work?

What are the secrets to creating a beautiful business with soul?

When your mission is to serve the world, your work is an expression of your soul, and your heart fuels everything you do, it’s important that your business feels like art. Because it is.

This 4-module course is specifically designed for coaches and other service providers who know that to stay in the game – to keep your head and heart engaged & to build a sustainable business – your business has to align with your soul. You know that if if doesn’t feel right, it’s just not gonna happen. This course is all about helping it feel (and look) just right. Like art. Your art. Yes…because it is.
What’s included?
4 training modules

MODULE 1: Craft your core message

When you’re clear on what you stand for and why, your foundation feels more stable and you feel more grounded and motivated. Connect to your bigger mission and find the words that carry the aligned harmonic resonance – the artistry of your message.

MODULE 2: Create unique offerings

Your offerings are the gifts that you can point to in the world and say “I made that” with pride.  But you’ll only feel pride if they were truly created as gifts from your heart.  Learn the basics of how to create offerings that are truly unique and beautiful to participate in and to deliver.

MODULE 3: Envision beautiful branding

Have you ever seen someone’s website, business cards, logo or sales page and thought “It’s just so them”?  That’s the aim here.  Your visual branding should be an extension and reflection of you, so the whispers of your heart echo through it and the clients who are most aligned can find you.

MODULE 4: Find your authentic voice

For people to work with you, they need to trust you. For them to trust you, they have to feel like they know you. But how can they feel that they know you if they’re not connecting with the true you? Find that beautiful balance of vulnerability and strength in your writing, and speak from your heart straight to theirs.


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